Our Team
(1)Factory, (2)Design Department, (3)Production Department, (4)QC Department,
(5)Warehouse, (6)Sales Department

Design Department
Thanks to our talented design department, we are constantly developing new models and laser products. Our design team focuses on creating laser CNC equipment that not only perform with efficiency and stability but are aesthetically-pleasing as well. We can also customize products according to customer's specifications.

Production Department
Our production department processes production orders and is responsible for the entire production line and production flow.

QC Department
We have a strict quality inspection department which checks each item at length. Though many factories check products briefly before shipping, we ensure that each laser machine is tested 2-3 days before leaving the factory so we can fix any problems and make sure you get your laser machines in a timely manner. At Keliang, we guarantee great quality.

Sales Department

(1)Foreign Trade Department, (2)Asia Department, (3)Americas Department,
(4)Europe Department, (5)Pre-sale, (6)In-sale, (7)After-sale

We believe in providing team service for every client. Each team is composed of three knowledgeable staff to answer questions and assist clients in purchasing laser equipment with ease.
Pre-sales: Representative explains and confirms all item orders;
During sales: Representative provides production and transportation tracking information and photos;
After sales: Representative provides technical support and collects feedback.

At Keliang, you're not just buying our laser machines, you're buying professional quality service and commitment that will meet your needs!

After-Sales Service Department
We have an outstanding sales team to provide customers with free technical support and guidance in using and maintaining our laser cutters and laser engravers. We will also provide plans for maintenance and skills training for the customer's employees.

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    Contact Person: Jessie Jiang