One-To-One Service
As a laser machinery provider, we provide continuous 24/7 service, ensuring a response to your questions within 8 hours. With an excellent after-sales team and dependable service technicians, we provide free technical support and training to teach customers to use and maintain their laser machines. To better serve our customers, we also keep laser equipment in stock and regularly update our inventory so we can ship spare parts within 24 hours.

We provide a one-year warranty for our machines (barring consumable components) and a three-month warranty for laser tubes, mirrors and lenses.

Quality Testing
We perform a final test on all laser CNC equipment before shipment, testing without material and then testing by cutting and engraving materials. Our strict quality control means we make sure each machine is in first-rate condition before being shipped.

OEM Service
We also provide OEM services, customizing machines based on customer needs. Contact us directly if interested in OEM laser machines.

    Shandong Liaocheng Keliang Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Add.: Industrypark, Guanxian, Liaocheng, Shandong, China.

    Contact Person: Jessie Jiang