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Laser Cutting Plotter

We have three types of laser cutting plotters: KLP-960, KLP-1120, KLP-1300. The maximum processing width of each plotter is 1300mm.

Time Saving

Traditional banners are printed on a plotter and then engraved manually. Keliang's specially developed typeface software can engrave and print at the same time. Production capacity is 100-160 meters per hour.

Labor Saving
The plotting equipment uses special software for stencil printing that can save at least 2-3 hours of labor with an efficiency 5-6 times greater than manual engraving.

Cost Saving
This laser cutter plotting machine is suitable for engraving all types of paper, even waste paper, stained paper and backing paper. The plotter engraves quickly and accurately with a minimum forming character of 2CM.

Technical Parameters
Model KLP-1300 KLP-1120 KLP-960
Laser power 40W, 50W(optional)
Laser power CO2 sealed laser tube
Power supply AC220 ± 10%50HZ/AC110 ± 10%60HZ
Max. width 1300mm 1120mm 960mm (optional)
Working speed 0-60000mm/min
Worktable Roller clamp
Locating precision <0.01mm
Min. shaping character Character: 2×2mm, letter: 1×1mm
Operating temperature 5 ℃ -35 ℃
Resolution ratio ≤ 4500dpi
Data transfer interface USB
System environment Windows2000/windowsXP/vista/win7
Cooling method Water cooling and protection system
Graphic format supported CutterMaster , Ucancam
Engraving thickness 0-5mm (Cutting depth mainly depends on the material and customer requirements)
Protection system Yes
Machine weight 50kg
Dimensions 1700mm ×500mm×500mm
Package material Plywood, wooden box, carton
Packing size / weight 1750mm ×550mm×550mm / 45kg
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