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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine (for Non-Metal Materials)

    1. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, KL-1060

      It is also used in plate making, decoration, model cutting, packaging, printing, frame making, plastic industries, acrylic plates, color plates, and non-metallic sheet cutting.

    1. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, KL-1290/KL-1390

      The laser cutting equipment can be used alone to engrave a variety of materials surfaces, and also can be used for engraving and cutting at the same time. The single laser head and dual laser head are optional.

    1. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, KL-1212

      These CO2 laser cutters can be used to process rubber, leather, plastic, glass and other materials. Plastic, acrylic, jade, crystal, organic glass and other non-metal materials.


Keliang makes five models of CO2 laser cutting machinesthat can be configured with single or dual laser head based on customer needs. These efficient laser cutters cut and engrave a wide range of non-metal materials such as leather clothing, embroidery, advertising signs, gifts, crystal ornaments, paper, wood, and glass. Contact us to find the CO2 laser processing equipment that fits your needs.

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