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CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

    1. CO2 Laser Engraving Machine, KL-320

      With nearly 2,500 units sold domestically in 2014 alone, the CO2 laser engraver has been well-received. A special jig allows the laser engraver to be used for engraving seals and carving other non-metallic materials.


Our CO2 laser engraving machine is designed for carving crafts. The laser machinery supports CorelDraw11, CorelDraw12, CorelDraw14 and other versions. With three functions of engraving, cutting and marking, this small laser processor does layered, interactive, and repeat engraving while also support batch jobs and continuous working.

Laser Power Supply

1. The KL-IV power supply is developed by Keliang. We are one of the first factories using automatic electrostatic eliminating technology in China. This laser power supply adopts imported parts for sustainable and stable high voltages.

2. The KL-IV laser power supply has the functions of pre-charge and pre-ionization to accelerate laser processing. The CO2 laser processor provides high frequency output when engraving fine patterns for precise carving.

3. The high and low voltage separation technology allows the computer to automatically restart and prevents computer and board damage caused by high-voltage leakage.

4. We offer a 3-year warranty for KL-IV power supply compared to the usual 1-year warranty most companies provide.

Laser Tube
Keliang KL-320 is equipped with a 40w high-frequency laser tube made by Beijing Institute of Technology. Our trusted laser tube manufacturers make laser tubes with outstanding performance and a long service life.

Control Panel
KL-320 uses an M8 high-speed board for engraving, cutting, and marking. The laser engraver is one of the most comprehensive and stable performances of the control board.

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