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CO2 Laser Engraving Machine (Standard Configuration)

, KL-460

The KL-460 CO2 laser engraving machine with standard configuration has an effective operation area of 400×600mm and an engraving speed of 1~ 500mm/s. Ideal for carving portraits, badges, seals and other products, this C02 laser processor comes with a special jig, designed to engrave seals.


Plastic, jade, crystal, rubber, organic glass and other non-metallic materials.

Applicable Industry
The laser CO2 is used for artistic engraving and cutting of small works such as engraved portraits, badges, cards and packaging. It can also engrave seals and crabs.

Technical Parameters
Model KL-460
Power 50W (optional)
Working area 400×600mm
Positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Software CorelLaser L aserDraw
Panel Digital panel
Up & down table Yes (optional: electric up & down table)
Platform Cellular platform/aluminum platform
Engraving speed 1-500mm/s
Engraving depth 1-3mm (acrylic)
Cutting speed 1-50mm/s
Cutting depth 1-5mm (acrylic)
Air blowing protection Yes
Red-light position Yes
Water protection Yes
LED inside the box Yes
Warranty 1 year (laser tube and lens--3 months)
Color White and blue (can be customized)
Voltage AC220±10% 50Hz/AC110±10% 60Hz
Size 102X74X64cm
Weight 80 kg
Packing Wooden box / international standard wooden packing
Packing size 116×87×70cm
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